There are several types of visas for Ireland regarding the entry of assignees/ employees and their family. Our visa services can help you choose the right one.

D Class long stay visa
An entry visa is a pre – requisite for a Visa Required National, in order to enter Ireland. This is needed on top of the employment permit (for visa required nationals). For those on assignment/ employment for over 3 months a D Class (long stay) visa is required. 
Qualifying family members – spouse, de facto partner (pre- clearance required), civil partner, dependent child – entering Ireland with an employment permit holder or joining them in Ireland for a period of more than 3 months must apply for a D class (long stay) spousal/ dependant visa. 

Short stay C class visa
Visa required nationals entering Ireland for less than 3 months must apply for a short stay C class visa. This may be a visitor visa (for those visiting family) or a business visit visa (for those visiting for a meeting/ conference).

Criteria and Challenges
The visa application is a 2 -stage process: An on – line application form and the physical presentation of documents over the counter at your appropriate VFS Office/ Embassy or Consulate. This entails:

  • Present all required documentation and guarantee letters.
  • Apply for the correct visa type for your situation.
  • Fully and correctly complete the on – line form.
  • Processes vary between different embassies/ consulates, you must ensure that you have included any extra local requirements for the country you are applying through.

The application process can be challenging, we offer a visa application service, with a discount if we have handled the original employment permit application. Contact us for further details.

Visa policy of Ireland