Breaking news for Botswanan and South African Nationals travelling to Ireland – Visas now required.

Holders of South African and Botswanan passports now require an Irish visa for travel to Ireland.


Limited Transitional Arrangements (for eligible travelers only)

Applicable from July 10, 2024, to August 9, 2024



For further inquiries, please contact:

South African and Botswanan passport holders who have already booked travel to Ireland before July 10, 2024, and intend to travel by August 9, 2024, may proceed to Ireland under the following conditions:

  • Valid passport
  • Documentary evidence from their carrier (not a Travel Agent) showing ticket purchase date, passenger name, flight number(s), and travel date.

This documentation must be presented if requested by a carrier or Immigration Officer. Standard immigration rules for non-nationals entering the country apply to those utilizing the transitional arrangements.

Please note:

  • Travelers who
  •  have booked flights to Ireland before July 10, 2024, but plan to travel after August 9, 2024, are ineligible for transitional arrangements and must obtain an Irish visa in advance.
  • Travelers booking flights to Ireland after July 10, 2024, must obtain an Irish visa before travel, even if traveling before August 10, 2024.
  • Holders of a valid Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card do not require a separate Irish visa.

Irish immigration Service Delivery have published a Q&A here:

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