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Further removals form the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine list

Montenegro and Serbia were removed from the list on Saturday, 15 May with immediate effect [...]

Ireland adds the US, Canada, France, and Italy to its mandatory hotel quarantine list.

The Irish government has extended the list of designated countries from which or through which [...]

Mandatory Hotel Quarantine and Quarantined Self Isolation. Ireland 2nd April 2021

The Irish government advises against all non-essential international travel. All passengers arriving in Ireland must [...]

Ireland imposes entry visa requirements on South American countries and South Africa in new COVID-19 Visa Arrangements

As of midnight 27th January 2021, in addition to countries who were visa required prior [...]

Ireland suspends visa and pre/clearance processing from 29th January 21 as a COVID 19 public health protective measure.

The Minister for Justice has signed an order that will impose new visa requirements on [...]

Post lock down Restrictions on Global Mobility and Solutions to get your Business-Critical High Skill Workers into Ireland

The Changing Dynamic and Restrictions on Global Mobility We live in interesting times. As economies [...]

COVID – 19 Remote working for permit holders

Holders of permits are able to work remotely for the duration of the current pubic [...]

COVID-19 Employment Permit System Contingency Arrangements. Permit processing. 30th March 2020

The following is a summary of contingency arrangements put in place to cover impacts fro [...]

COVID-19 Employment Permits System Contingency Arrangements 30th March 2020

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation has implemented a contingency plan to ensure that [...]

COVID – 19. INIS registration offices are now closed. New temporary measures announced.

INIS has temporarily closed its public offices on foot of the COVID -19 outbreak. Valid [...]