COVID – 19 Remote working for permit holders

Holders of permits are able to work remotely for the duration of the current pubic health crisis. This means that they can work from location other than that named on their permits (i.e. home). This will be allowable subject to the following conditions:

1. The employer notifies the DBEI of the change of location. Note this requires the employer to notify the fact that permit holding employees are working from home. It is not necessary to name the individual employees.
2. Once the current government public health measures are lifted it is expected that will return to work at the locations named on their permits.

Working from home outside the state

It is noted that frequent absences or an extended absence which constitute part of an employment permit holder’s employment are not considered grounds for revocation of the permit, an employment permit holder must however work at least 183 days in a full calendar year in the State to be considered employed in the State. If a person is not resident in the state the Irish employment permit does not apply to them.

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