Irish Work Permit Procedure Changes

Irish work permit procedure changes impacting refused or cancelled GEPs. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) activates a temporary suspension of the “Return and Refund” process, affecting GEP applications.

Why the Suspension Activation by the DETE?

  • The DETE currently faces high level demand and is conducting a review of the process to improve the service.

What Does This Irish Work Permit Update Mean for You?

  • If you withdraw a GEP application or have a refusal, this results in a 90% refund not a 100% refund. ​
  • Consequently, this may cause a financial impact if you have multiple refusals or withdrawals.
  • As levels are high, you may be experiencing GEP or Irish work permit refusals.

Who to contact if you have any questions?

  • Because you have questions regarding the change we are available to chat. Contact Tom or Ellis at Actus – see details below.
  • When you chat with us, we will assess the viability of your employment permit application and take over the process for you if required.
  • Actus is based in Dublin and has 20 years of experience in the Irish immigration system. Because we care about your immigration needs, you speak with a Senior Immigration Consultant.
    00353 857273445
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

Changes happen with employment procedures, therefore, it is advisable to keep up with activity at the DETE. The recent Irish work permit procedure changes mean that GEP refusals or withdrawals only get a 90% refund. Actus are here to help – reach out to us. For information on the Irish work permit update, check out the change at  Department of Enterprise Ireland, DETE


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