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Further removals form the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine list

Montenegro and Serbia were removed from the list on Saturday, 15 May with immediate effect [...]

Austria and Italy removed from mandatory Hotel Quarantine list 10/05/21

Passengers arriving from Armenia, Aruba, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Curaçao, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, North [...]

Ireland adds the US, Canada, France, and Italy to its mandatory hotel quarantine list.

The Irish government has extended the list of designated countries from which or through which [...]

Full list of Designated States requiring mandatory Hotel Quarantining. List current as of 2nd April 2021

Travel to Ireland from specific designated States is now subject to mandatory hotel quarantine. This [...]

Mandatory Hotel Quarantine and Quarantined Self Isolation. Ireland 2nd April 2021

The Irish government advises against all non-essential international travel. All passengers arriving in Ireland must [...]

Ireland imposes entry visa requirements on South American countries and South Africa in new COVID-19 Visa Arrangements

As of midnight 27th January 2021, in addition to countries who were visa required prior [...]

Ireland suspends visa and pre/clearance processing from 29th January 21 as a COVID 19 public health protective measure.

The Minister for Justice has signed an order that will impose new visa requirements on [...]

Post lock down Restrictions on Global Mobility and Solutions to get your Business-Critical High Skill Workers into Ireland

The Changing Dynamic and Restrictions on Global Mobility We live in interesting times. As economies [...]

COVID – 19 Remote working for permit holders

Holders of permits are able to work remotely for the duration of the current pubic [...]

COVID-19 Employment Permit System Contingency Arrangements. Permit processing. 30th March 2020

The following is a summary of contingency arrangements put in place to cover impacts fro [...]